Labeling line consisting of conveyor belt with variable speed, base with stainless steel monoblock. The SIMPLY line is available with 1 or 2 labeling heads with a maximum label width ranger of 100-140-190-230-260mm.
Ideal for application on cylindrical oval and flat products. Electronic microprocessor management and power / stroke potentiometers.

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Technical features:

– Construction material – Stainless steel
– Speed – variable from 0-30mt.
– Electronic Micro Processor management
– Support head / label (s) with vertical-horizontal and tilt adjustment
– Type motor – step / step
– Supply voltage – 220 or 110 V 50/60 Hz
– Standard carrying belt width – 85/150/255 mm. (other sizes on request)
– Standard carrying belt length – 1500 or 2000mm. (other measures on request)


– Side belt for wrap application or semi-wrapping on round bottles
– 3Side roller for wrap-around labeling on tapered products
– Top stabilizer for flat or oval product during labeling
– Centering system for aligning oval products
– Spacer product system for product spacing before the labeling phase
– Hot / dry printing group for batch printing and expiration date directly on the label before labeling
– Turn table motorized (Load-Unload) 1000mm
– Polycarbonate cover with alarm sensors
– Self-locking wheels
– Optical / acoustic alarm

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