Pneumatic applicator for printing and real-time application front box. The printed label is sucked on a plate with the air vacuum system and by 90 ° rotation of the application arm lays the label on the box front. We can print by logos, alphanumeric data, barcodes.

The URANO 90 ° tire system is also available with Zebra and Datamax printers.

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Ficha de datos

TECHNICAL DATA SHEETSpecific characteristics Uranus 472/90 °:

– Press system and apply with pneumatic application
– Printing Definition – 200dpi or 300dpi
– Max printing width – 104 mm. or 170 mm.
– Coil internal diameter – 45 mm. o 76 mm.
– Max outer coil diameter – 300 mm. internal 203 mm.
– Inner rewinder for siliconized paper
– Connection with parallel port or RS232 usb
– Application pneumatic arm with 90 ° movement
– Label shape suction plate
– Thermal transfer or direct heat transfer printing
– FESTO pneumatic material
– Compressed air pressure gauge
– Microprocessor control unit for application cycle management, puff time, assist, delay of arm rotation, handling and signaling of pneumatic anomalies and printer…


– Support column
– Standard software
– Dedicated software
– Label presence sensor on the plate
– Self-dimensioning cylinder travel sensor for products of different height
– Fine optical / acoustic warning labels and / or tape

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